Frequently Asked Questions

Chances are that if you are reading this, you either have - or have had - some kind of yoga / spiritual practice. (If not please carefully read our page on Sanatan yoga to see whether this is for you). Whilst we mostly practice Hatha yoga, you will find that occasionally our classes are influenced by Ashtanga or a vinyasa flow. Our yoga classes are suitable for all levels - being able to do headstand is not mandatory! All that we ask, is that you show up with a willing attitude and do your best. We aren't about the perfect posture or Instagramable poses - we aim to work with both the physical and energetic body, so sometimes the benefits of a practice might not be obvious! Also, don't be put off by the morning Hatha class appearing as two hours on the daily schedule - thankfully we follow a tradition which places considerable importance on quiet sitting (meditation), the warm up and relaxation! The two hours will fly by and breakfast always tastes better after yoga! 

Please let us know if you smoke or were recently a smoker as we may need to reconsider some of the pranayama practices.

There is strictly no smoking in the ashram or its grounds. In part, this is due to the risk of forest fires but also because smoking is harmful to both yourself and others (through passive smoking) and so we cannot condone this behaviour.

Smoking (cigarettes or otherwise)

Is this a religious experience?

We are not aiming to convert you to Hinduism - honest! But, there are some aspects of the tradition which might seem a little religious (the mantras and the bajans (singing) for example. If you are not comfortable with any aspect, then please let us know but importantly, don't feel like you have to join in.

Do I need experience of yoga?

What do I need to bring with me?

What is included in the cost?

Comfortable loose clothing for yoga and meditation, toiletries, reusable drinks bottle. Ladies please bring a moon cup or washable period knickers (if possible). 

Optional: yoga mat, blanket, clothing that you do not mind getting dirty in the garden. 

Included in the cost: 

  • 3 vegan meals per day 

  • Tea, coffee and water

  • Accommodation, bed linen and towels

  • Morning Hatha yoga 

  • Morning Pranayama class

  • Afternoon session

  • Collection and return to Castelo Branco 

Getting to the ashram

The closest town to the ashram is Castelo Branco. Lisboa (Lisbon) airport is approximately 2 hours and Porto airport is just over 3 hours. There are frequent buses provided by Rede Expressos and Felix Bus as well as a train service between Lisboa and Castelo Branco. 

Any questions?