Your Hosts

Hi, we're Richard and Louisa. It's lovely to meet you!

We are both qualified senior yoga teachers within the Sanatan Yoga tradition and have studied at ashrams in India, Wales (UK) and Portugal. We feel blessed to have had the opportunity to study at these ashrams for intensive periods but we recognise that, for a lot of people, it is difficult to devote more than one week to sadhana, because let's face it, work and family commitments generally get in the way! There are plenty of options for multi-week yoga teacher training or yoga retreats that seem to offer very little in the way of spiritual growth/practice and seem to focus more on a typical holiday experience. That got us thinking, what if we could offer the opportunity to carve out a week to spend at an ashram without the cost, time (and vaccination requirements!) for individuals to devote to their own spiritual development (sadhana). How often do we think that we would like to really put more focus on our practice, but find it difficult to shoehorn it into our busy lives. This is an opportunity to devote a week, without all the distractions (or excuses? - we have all been there!) to your spiritual practice.

We would love to guide you through a taster of Sanatan Yoga, as for us it is a complete offering of how to life a yogic life. We hope that you can use this as a springboard to develop healthy habits that you can take home with you so that your yogic practice becomes not just something you step outside of your normal life to do, but incorporate it into your daily life.

A few random facts about Rich:

  • owner of a very impressive collection of yoga leggings - the party leopard print being his favourite!

  • loves a quiz and knows a lot of pretty random facts about all sorts of subjects

  • supports Manchester United (in the football)

  • is super handy with a power tool and can fix / build almost anything

  • favourite yoga pose: anything requiring balancing on his hands!

  • favourite food: vegetable dhansak with a peshwari naan (but would never say no to pizza!)

A few random facts about Louisa:

  • loves music - in particular 90's boybands

  • enjoys gardening (and has been known to talk/sing to the plants)

  • owns more flip flops than any other kind of shoe

  • ate her first pear on her 30th birthday

  • favourite yoga pose: anything that doesn't require balancing on her hands!

  • favourite food: either vegetable lasagne with garlic bread and salad - or cake (although Rich would say her favourite food was simply broccoli!)

Any questions?